Friday, May 8, 2015

The Beauty of Nature

(Today's block.)

The last fading of light in the distance always rendered the sky in a beautiful way. The blueness of the mid day sky giving way to brilliant lavenders, rosy hues of pink, a blended indigo...
I took in the sunset with a sigh, really reveling in the beauty of it all. The fog that accumulated making the trees and mountains in the distance seem a haze of shadows that blended so perfectly I couldn't tell where the scenery ended and where the sky began.
The only thing that held any kind of clarity to it was the marsh in front of me where some pond scum floated in clumps. Vaguely, I wondered what it could be. Algae? Plankton? Did marshes have plankton? It seemed beautiful in its own way too.
I savored the day because I didn't know how many more I would be able to really feel like this. The fading, brilliant colors, the warm, thick humid air on my face...
Most of the time life was a rush of moments and so often it feels like we're stuck in our own head that we miss them. We forget to take a moment to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. We forget to really look, really be aware of all that surrounds us. All the beauty, all of mother nature in her majesty and wisdom.
I gently knelt to feel the grass that peaked out of the marsh. It was slightly damp to touch and a water bug rustled from beneath a patch of it, jumping further away from my reach.
These small things, we take them so much for granted, and really, I didn't know how much longer I would be able to be given such a gift. Such pleasure.
I marveled at all of this as I dumped the body in the water.

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