Friday, April 24, 2015

The Falcon

(This is completely unrelated to the zombie story. This is something from my life.)

After dinner, my boyfriend and I decided to go for a nice walk around the neighborhood as the sun was setting because we had not done so in a while. He didn't have band practice and I got out of work much earlier in the day, so after dinner it seemed like the perfect thing to do. Hand in hand we strolled down the road, passing by the house that usually has four basset hounds running up to a fence to greet us. One tried to peak at us as long as it possible could before we disappeared out of sight leaving me with a glimpse of its sad, little eyes.
A little further down, he gently took my shoulders and turned me to a large tree. He loves nature, and brings me back to center by helping me appreciate the moment and that which surrounds me. So I thought maybe he would point out the beauty of it. Instead, he pointed to a large falcon who rubbed its beak upon a branch and sharply looked at us. For a moment I wondered what it thought.
And I always thought it would be weird to be an animal. Technically we are, but I mean under the watchful eye of nature. I find myself stopping to watch birds and squirrels. When I had them as a child, I would watch my pets. Sometimes I wondered if any of these things watched me, or even if I was interesting enough to watch in the first place.
The falcon tilted its head and rubbed its beak. We squatted in the middle of the road to get a better view. And then I thought, it must be a little daunting. Two apes that were casually passing, stopping to watch a bird even though it wasn't really doing anything particularly interesting. I wondered what it would be like for a moment to have a much larger creature watching me. To be under its scrutinizing gaze. Would it regard me with wonder? With curiosity? With amazement at my existence?

And then the falcon pooped.

My boyfriend and I exchanged glanced at this, and then we shared a laugh. Because of course nature didn't care that we were there. Nature stops for no one.
We stood, rejoined our hands and continued on our way.

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