Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Eye of the Beholder

(Today's exercise.)

And though there is so much in the world to be angry about, when I come home and look to him I see nothing but beauty. 
Long lashes under perfectly arched, dark brows...
Olive skin...
Almost always he has a five o'clock shadow. He's gotten lazy about it recently and tried to trim it into some kind of organization, but I've never minded how it has looked. Because there's nothing on him that I would change.
From the slope of his nose to his full lips.
He is perfect.
I've taken recently to trying to take different angles of him with my phone, but he's always in a state of self-consciousness. He rolls his eyes, bemused by my antics but somehow manages to turn away just in the nick of time with a sigh, leaving me with the memory of the shape of his jaw, or his long hand covering the side of his face.
If anyone found the pictures, they might almost be seen as artistic in their own strange way.
I've always tried to catch him unexpectedly, but he has the damnedest sixth sense and always catches on turning away. Sometimes, he's smiling through his fingers seeming very pleased with himself and other times it's a deep frown, but he's never asked me to stop and it's almost like our game.
"Can't I just take one photo of you?"
"You've taken many photos of me."
"You know what I mean!" I stood on our couch with my phone in hand, "If you let me take one good one, I'll never ask again!"
"Yes you will. You're insatiable," he teased.
I smirked, "Just one?"
He sighed, "Just one."
I smiled with glee before pointing the camera at him. He stared up at me, but at the very last minute he looked down.
"You're such a butt!" I squealed as I looked in the viewfinder, but I wasn't disappointed at what I saw. Between the lighting and the tilt of his head, I thought it was a good photo.
"I know," he grinned even though he seemed guilty as he pulled me down beside him.
"This doesn't count, you know," I gave a mock pout.
He looked contemplative as he wrapped an arm around me, "Then I guess you're going to have to keep trying until we both get it right."

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