Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Horror Movie

Splattered in blood, with the zombies scattered around the car like some kind of macabre art piece, all I could do was stand there and breathe, heart pounding erratically in my chest. My eyes darted from corpse to corpse, looking for any signs of movement. I had to be sure. I mean, I didn't want to be like those stupid girls in horror movies that make you scream 'Don't go in there'.

With the immediate proximity silent, I slid off of the car and carefully landed on the concrete below me with an audible tap. I waited when I heard it and looked around again. Nothing was running for me, and that was good. I cautiously made my way toward the station, ever vigilant of the sounds around me.

The plan was for Lex to watch the supplies while I would get whoever was left in the station. I was smaller than him, and faster. If this guy weighed me down or tried anything stupid, I would leave him.

But I was really hoping he wouldn't.

What felt like a heart-pounding forever (probably just a minute in reality), I found myself at the front of the station, the glass doors shattered and the pieces covered the reception area.

"Hello?" I called cautiously, only to be met with nothing.

Now I really did feel like I was in a horror movie, waiting for something to jump out of the shadows at me. Any of the zombies I had run into so far had been pretty loud, but in not ending up like random dead chick #3, I stayed on my guard, gun pointed forward.

To calm my nerves, I spoke, "My name is Amy. I'm going to get you out of here, okay? I heard your message on the radio and you wanted someone to meet you down here, so here I am."

Again, nothing.

I spoke a little louder than before, "Listen, if you're here then I really suggest we get the fuck out, like, right now because there's no telling how long we have. We could totally become zombie food, and I'm totally okay NOT going out that way, I don't know about you."

I was finally met with a horrible, non-human screech, similar to the one I heard back home when the glass doors shattered. I looked around quickly, trying to figure out where it came from, but before I could react, I could hear them approaching on all sides, quickly.

Shit. I really was going out this way, like a bad actress doomed to sequels and mini series. Ew. The remaining glass around me began to shatter as they made their way forward, rotting eyes focused on me.

I swallowed thickly and fired, taking one out immediately, but there were at least five more of them.

Firing from atop a truck at least gave me a vantage point because these things aren't very good at climbing, but now that there was no barrier between us, they could easily get to me and I didn't have enough time to take all of them down myself without getting overwhelmed.

That is, until a metallic thunk took one of them down. My eyes darted to the source to find a tall, athletic-bodied man with gorgeous ebony skin, his dark hair in twists that extended a couple inches around his head. He looked like a warrior. I mean, compared to me, you know? His clothes and the side of his face were splattered in blood, and he held a metallic baseball bat stained red with blood. I couldn't help watch him for a moment. His muscles rippled as he raised the bat and brought it down solidly, taking another zombie swiftly to the ground. He didn't stop swinging but he yelled, "I don't want to go out that way neither!"

A slow smile came to my face as I pointed my gun toward a screeching zombie in a business suit and fired.

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