Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Nearly a month had passed and the Z-disease was contained around the northeastern area, allowing everyone to breathe a sigh of relief, including myself. It seems like such a petty reason, but I was really relieved to not have to shave my head or trim my nails. I'm a girl. Seriously. Only boys and lesbians shave their heads and since I'm neither, you can understand why the idea was less than appealing. I took great pride in my appearance and doing something like that would utterly destroy what I had worked so hard to achieve. I mean, let's not forget all the accessories for my hair I racked up over my shitty summer job and the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars I've spent over the years in hair product and nail maintenance.

I sat down to breakfast one day with my mother who served up a plate of bacon and eggs with toast. I had nearly two and a half servings. Today was a day of intensive weight training and a five mile to shake off any soreness that would set into my muscles. If I had told myself nearly a month ago that I would be running five miles and lifting weights, never would have believed myself. Well, that is until I saw the toned, defined legs and arms. And can we talk about if I saw myself, I would totally flash myself my six pack? It wasn't a super six pack, but I had a beach body for sure!

"You look good," my mother commented, "Have you been having fun with Lex?"

Considering my mouth was filled with toast, I chose to nod and swallow it down with my glass of orange juice. When I cleared my mouth I said, "You should come with us. I mean, the Z-disease could still come our way."

"Oh honey, you really need to stop putting so much merit into what Lex says."

I couldn't believe what mom was saying, but at the same time, I would have said the same thing about everything else Lex had said up to this point, "It never hurts to be careful," I said slowly and stuffed my mouth with scrambled eggs, hoping I wouldn't have to talk anymore. But, you know, my mom's attitude toward the Z-disease was really annoying! How could she act so non-nonchalant when New York City was gone? Like, there were literally no people there except maybe the army in hazmat suits, but seriously. The north east was getting torn apart by the Z-disease, and I didn't believe we could be ruled out from this until they stopped talking about it on the news.

"And what exactly would you do against someone with Z-disease?"

I pressed my lips together in a thin white line, trying to suppress my anger. "More than you," is what I wanted to say, but I instead seriously considered the question. What were my options at this point? Melee combat? Gun? If all else failed, I could run. Then again, there was still no reporting about what kind of zombie I was up against. I mean, anyone who's ever watched any kind of zombie movie ever knows there are different types of zombies.

You have the slow, shuffling, classic movie zombies, video game zombies that apparently can evolve into super mutant zombies, and then 28 Days Later zombies that were diseased, crazed humans that became super fast and violent. There was also that one romantic movie about that zombie boy who became human again, but that was seriously wishful thinking considering a city had been leveled.

Either way, I was definitely more equipped to handle the apocalypse at this point than my mother.

So yeah, after careful consideration, I did say, "More than you."

My mother looked a little pissed at me for the comment, but I quickly said, "Mom, it's like a hurricane is coming towards us and the news is saying over and over and over again that it's going to be the worst one we've ever faced and you're doing nothing! Hell, you could at least reinforce the house just in case, and best case scenario, we'll actually have shit for next hurricane season."

I watched as she stiffly stood up with a huff and grabbed her plate, hastily going toward the sink. She replied, "The government clearly has a hold on this situation. It's been contained in the north east."

I stood and followed her, "Yeah, for now! But what's going to happen when it spreads again? Are you going to stay in this all sunny and optimistic when there are crazed people breaking into our house or something? You have to plan!"

When mom turned around and opened her mouth to argue, I put my hands on her shoulders and said, "I love you, but if a disaster comes around, I can't guarantee that we can protect each other or that we'll even be together, okay? I don't want anything to happen to you, but mom, at this point I can protect myself, and I'll feel so much better if you would do something," I sighed and added, "Please."

My mom gave a resigned sigh and said, "Alright, I'll plan something while you're away today."

I sighed in relief and hugged her before I grabbed my backpack, stuffed full of protein bars, a shake and plenty of water. I hoisted it onto my back and smiled brightly at her, "We're going to kick this thing's ass."

Mom just laughed and shook her head at me, "Don't be back too late."

"I won't," I called out as I ran out the door.

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