Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Succubus

"Are you okay?" The woman knealing in front of her asked. Her well-manicured brows were etched in concern, head barely cocked to the right like a curious bird.
Burn marks scattered across the surface of Lia's cinnamon skin, some pink, some an angry red. The worst of them lined her legs making it difficult to walk without the burning, tingling sensation shooting up the lower half of her body. This myserious woman with brown doe eyes had to practically carry her to safety. Questions with obvious answers made Lia's jaw clench and nostrils flare.
Of course she wasn't fucking okay.
The woman gingerly took Lia's wrist between her thumb and middle finger. With a gentle twisting motion, Lia's wrist rotated to and fro as her injuries were scrutinized, "Aren't you a succubus?" What was the first indication? The spiraling ram-like horns crowning Lia's head? The red eyes? The black bat wings that burst from her shoulder blades? Another obvious question.
"No, my mother just fucked a goat-bat hybrid," Lia spat out.
"At least these haven't hurt your sense of humor," came her calm voice with a wry smile, "I thought succubi could heal."
"Except when my power's been sucked away by mountain ash. Who are you anyway?"
"My name's Marin, and you?"
"Lia," she replied shortly with a resigned sigh. Her shoulders began to relax at Marin's doting as her hands gently moving away bits of torn clothing and gingerly smoothed straggled hair. Marin's calm disposition was a cool splash of water against Lia's anger, threatening to boil over.
"If you know what I am then why did you save me?"
Marin's eyes flicked up, unmoving and intense, "Because you've done nothing wrong."
Lia swallowed a lump that formed in her throat. She became quite familiar with the eyes of humans. She could see sizzling passion and smoldering lust, searing rage and heated jealousy, but pure honesty reflected in big, brown eyes was new. Pure honesty did not intend to hurt or take, and humans always wanted something.
That was part of the reason Lia stumbled into this predicament in the first place.

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  1. Oh hey I found the beginning of the story! This is going to be fun...