Thursday, August 22, 2013


Thumping bass. Colorful strobe lights. Hundreds of handsome boys as far as the eyes could see; all of them dancing.

Lia looked over to Stiles, "A gay club?"

"You said you needed energy!" He insisted.

"A gay club?!"

"Can't you steal energy from the air?"

Lia's clenched her jaw while her brows narrowed, "Are you really confusing me for a plant?"

As they walked in together, Stiles was immediately pulled away from her side by a muscled drag queen that hugged him and cried out in delight, "Look who's here!" Which summoned a few more queens seemingly out of nowhere. They all began talking excitedly at once, mooning over the pale boy.

Lia gave a short laugh at Stiles's slightly embarrassed though happy expression before walking away. He would probably be busy for a little while so she took it upon herself to go to the dance floor.

She could smell the energy in the air. She lamented that she only worked on touch to "eat". Why in the world would Stiles think bringing her here was a good idea?

Before Lia had time to pout about this, she felt a hand on her shoulder which caused her to turn around. She was faced with a boy she had never seen before. Blonde, blue eyes, pretty white teeth shining from an appealing smile, "I absolutely love your hair," he gushed.

Curly and dark, but thick and voluminous; she never thought her hair was something special except that, for whatever reason, society hated curls and did everything it could to flatten and straighten them away. Despite the ability to shape shift, she never rid herself of her curls.

The compliment made her smile unexpectedly big. It even disarmed her momentarily until her whole body ached with weakness from her hunger.

"Thank you," she said, as she reached out and touched his bicep, holding her arm there as long as she possibly could while adding, "You're buff! Do you work out?" His energy tasted unusual in the best way possible, akin to a salted caramel.

"I do! Thanks for noticing! Gosh, you're just so pretty," the blonde turned his head and called out to his friends, "Come here, you have to see this girl's style!"

Soon, Lia was surrounded by a crowd of beautiful men, complimenting her hair, telling her she was pretty. It was good for her ego, but she knew the whole conversation was a little shallow. However, this was strictly for purposes of gaining her energy back. They definitely wouldn't call her pretty if the horns and claws came out.

So she played along, a huge smile on her lips as she touched them all in a friendly manner, thanking them and returning the compliments. All the while, her touch was enough to take what she needed. All of the energy tasted unusual and different. It was almost like Stiles brought her to a trendy tapas place, which was fantastic, but her body ached for the main course which is something this place didn't exactly specialize in.

Lia gazed around, hoping her eyes would land on the one straight guy that was coerced into coming by his female friends.

After her green eyes surveyed the room for at least the fifth time, someone finally caught her eye. Unfortunately for her, that someone was Derek Hale who was looking her dead in the eyes.

And that's when Lia panicked.

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