Monday, August 19, 2013


John Holiday was found later in the evening when the football team went to practice. Five puncture wounds ran through either wrists, torn open wider from what appeared to be a struggle. His face, the infamous visage that made hundreds of girls swoon, shredded and torn from what they guessed to be the claws of a wild animal. The only way they were able to identify him was the school ID dangling out of his pocket by a lanyard.

Despite the massive injuries sustained, it shocked everyone when the parametics announced that they found a pulse.

Lia debated killing John Holiday, but she also realized that there were things that were far worse than death. She drained enough of his energy to make sure he was too weak to struggle against her, and only then did she drop him on the ground. She brandished her claws in front of her blood red eyes as she darkly vowed, "I'll make you into the monster you are."

With those words, she relentlessly plunged her claws into the flesh of his face and dragged them repeatedly until she couldn't see the cleft in his chin. She raked until his already dark curls turned black with blood. She clawed until her arms trembled with exhaustion. He made no sound and he did not move except for an occasional convulsion of pain.

When Lia stepped back, rubbing a fleck of blood off of her cheek with the back of her wrist, she saw John Holiday as still as the grave, but she could hear his heart beat.

"Well, it's certainly an honest look on you, isn't it?" Lia mused as she reclasped her bra and straightened her shirt before spreading her leathery wings and taking off to the twilight skies.

The moment Lia stepped in the door, she took off her bloodied clothing to bleach and burn.

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