Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Shortness of Her Skirt

Lia enacted her plan gradually over the course of a week.

On Monday, Lia approached John Holiday as he read one of his classics. Thankfully, it was one she read herself and she dropped an existential line before saying, "It's a good one," before she passed him. She also made sure to wear a skirt that day, one that fell an inch above her knee.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Lia sat where John Holiday planted his gum. She wiggled around as if she couldn't find comfort in the desk chair when really she was trying to ensure her skirt caught the gum just right. When she felt the garment tug slightly to the left, she gently scooted forward to expose more of her thigh. The day after, she wiggled around until he would be able to see one of her buttocks.

On Thursday, Lia wore the shortest skirt she had in her closet. It was also short enough that some of the teachers stopped her because of dress code. Lia only smiled and gently touched their forearms, "I'm sorry, I won't do it again," she said in her sweetest voice while at the same time using her birthright to press her influence over them.

It worked like a charm.

Lia went to the cafeteria and grabbed an apple, walking where John Holiday's eyes followed behind passing girls. She stopped directly in his line of sight with a devilishly grin before she nibbled into her already half-eaten apple, "Hey John," she called in a velvety voice.

John Holiday's brows raised in surprise as he was address. His eyes flicked up from where they had been before, "Yeah?"

She stood by his table, leaning towards him, purposely letting her bosom heave over the lower cut top she decided to wear. She spoke in a voice filled with playful mischief, "I heard you went to third base with Chelsea, is that true?"

A cocky smile spread on his lips, "I guess you could say that."

Lia leaned even closer to his ear and said quietly, "Why would you only go to third base when I could take you home?"

When she pulled her head back to gauge his reaction, his brows were raised as his eyes met hers. He searched her eyes, trying to find truth in what she was saying.

"I'll meet you under the bleachers after school today. Don't be late."

Lia winked and left the core of her apple in front of John Holiday's lunch tray before walking away.

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