Thursday, August 29, 2013

Full Circle

Lia had to get away from the school. Someone knew her secret, and she couldn't expose herself to her classmates or else her life there would literally be over. She couldn't let that happen. With all the energy she drained from John Holiday, she easily dashed to the woods with heightened speed and grace.

Unfortunately, the man was easily on her trail.

When Lia was absolutely certain they were out of view, she let her guise slip; red eyes glowing, wings unfurled to give her a more intimidating appearance, horns curled toward the sky. She stretched her claws toward the offender and demanded, "What do you want with me?"

"I'm going to make you pay for what you did to my son, you Hellbeast!" The man was too enraged to be afraid of her.

Lia gave a sardonic smile and spat, "You bore a shit bag and no one will miss him."

Definitely not the right choice of words to say to someone that exposed her in the first place, but she did not regret them.

The man's face screwed up in anger and he threw another powder at her. Unlike the first powder, which was translucent and scentless, this one was as black as a moonless night and had a sour, almond-like smell.When the granules grazed against her arm, it seared her flesh and took some of her energy with it.

What was alarming is that he had a whole bag of the stuff, and before she had time to think about it, he was throwing more. Lia managed to avoid the next black cloud, but she knew she had to get the powder away from him without actually touching it. If that little bit singed her arm, she didn't want to think about what the full impact of it would do.

The man kept throwing gigantic handfuls of powder as Lia quickly avoided it until there was nothing left. Lia struck quickly as soon as he dropped the bag, apprehending his arms with a tight grip.

"Stupid man," she growled, "Did you really think you would best me?"

The man grunted in pain at her strength, but he was smiling, "I think I already have."

As soon as he said this, Lia could feel her grip around the man's forearms begin to weaken considerably.

"How?!" She cried out in frustration. When she looked around, she could see the man wasn't just haphazardly throwing black powder at her; he was strategically making a circle that encompassed both of them. Lia immediately let go and tried to run again, but smacked into an invisible barrier that knocked her down flat.

The man sneered down at her, "If it had been anyone else, you might have gotten away with it."

"Hunters," Lia said in realization.

"And now, I'll banish you back to the hell you crawled out of," And he began to chant.

Lia could feel her flesh singeing and burning with every word. She wanted to yell at the man that John Holiday deserved exactly what he got, but she was so overpowered by the pain that all she could do was try to hold it in and be strong. She would definitely not give this man the benefit of seeing her cry out in pain. That is, until she saw her flesh bubbling and bursting.

That's when she screamed.

But in the middle of the woods, who would ever hear her? Even if someone came upon them by chance, who would want to save her? The man looked like he was excising a demon, and no one had sympathy for the devil. They would sooner cheer him on than reach out to her.

Lia begrudgingly accepted that the story always goes the same for creatures like her, and she waited for her inevitable death until the burning suddenly stopped.

She looked up to see a woman clad in a denim skirt and black, knee-high boots. She must have broken the circle, because she stepped through where a barrier stood before and clocked the man in the face with a tightly closed fist, her long brown hair swishing with the force. He must not have been paying attention because he immediately fell over.

The woman's boots met the man's groin, and her heel met his head sharply as he was stunned.

Wide-eyed, Lia stared between the unconscious man, and her savior who carefully helped her up with a reassuring smile, "C'mon, let's get you out of here."

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