Thursday, August 29, 2013


The news of a mutilated but alive John Holiday spread like wildfire across the school. The girls were shocked at his unfortunate circumstance. Some of them even cried.

The police involved were unable to trace any sort of weapon or foul play. She was pulled into the school's office in front of not only the principal and guidance counselor, but the cops. When she was questioned, she should have won an Oscar for her performance.

"You were the last one seen leaving with him."

Tears in her eyes, she shyly admitted, "We went to make out, and then I left. I could have saved him! I should have stayed just a little longer and..." She pretended to be so broken up about the whole situation that she couldn't finish the sentence, dissolving into a crying fit. The cops felt pity for the young girl and let her go. The guidance counselor gave her a hug and offered her sessions 'in case she wanted to talk'.

She heard a cop say on her way out, "She couldn't have hurt him even if she wanted to."

If only they knew.

The whole incident was ruled out as a wild animal attack.

And while hundreds of girls talked about John in sad, hushed tones, it was always shallow.

"He was SO cute," seemed to be the general consensus, and Lia always smirked when she heard this.

"Not anymore he isn't," she thought.

Other than the absence of John Holiday, who apparently fell into a coma, the girls moved on.

One day, while papers were passed up in math class, Lia noticed Chelsea began drawing again, and this made her smile.

But there was still one person who didn't forget.

He saw John Holiday slashed up beyond recognition. He nodded when the cops told him it was a wild animal, but he knew better. He visited his comatose son everyday in the hospital, waiting for him to wake up. Situations like this didn't 'just happen' to someone. Especially when the man was no stranger to the supernatural world the majority of his life. He agreed this thing was an animal of sorts, but unlike anything a human had ever seen before. John wasn't in a coma from the attack. This was something that thrived off of human energy and put him there. This was probably something that was close to the school like a teacher or a student that managed to lull the boy into a false sense of security.

The man devised a plan as class was letting out that day. He stayed hidden as he released a bag of powder in the wind and waited as it blew over the outgoing students. A few of them sneezed, some coughed as they waved a hand in front of their faces, but one girl with fluffy dark curls and caramel skin was forced out of her human disguise for only a moment, but it was all he needed. By the panicked look in her wide eyes she must have known she was caught and took off toward the woods as fast as her legs could carry her.

Unfortunately for Lia, he was hot on her heels.

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