Saturday, August 24, 2013


(Author's note: So, every time I've thought about this scene in my head, I play the song "Call Me Baby (Londonbeat Remix)" - David Tavare feat. Ruth. The 'dance' happens around the drop, like 2:28 minutes in. I hope you can picture this as perfectly as I can :D)

Normally, Lia would have flashed her rose colored eyes as a warning. Worst case scenario, she would have fought him. If she were filled with as much energy as she could carry, she could easily defend herself against an alpha, a beta would be nothing.

However, now was definitely not one of those times. Tapas could only take the body so far in battle.

Lia gave him a cool smile before she turned on her heels and disappeared into the crowd to find Stiles.

Maybe Derek was keeping tabs on Stiles to make sure she didn't eat him, not that she would dream of eating her only friend anyway. However, it became harder to defend her innocent status when people started turning up dead. So needless to say, Derek was very suspicious and convinced she was using Stiles to her benefit.

Lia frantically searched the crowd until she found Stiles at the bar.

She grabbed him urgently and said in his ear, well above the music, "Derek's here!"

Stiles pulled back, brows raised with surprised, "What? Seriously?"

"I know he's after me. You have to distract him."

Stiles mouth dropped as he looked around, "Me? What do you want me to do against him?"

Desperate times called for desperate measures; she could see the distance between them and Derek closing as he made his way through the crowd.

"Please forgive me later."

"For what?"

She gripped his forearm and stared into his eyes, her own warm and bright rose in color as she met his, "I want you to go out there and dance like the sexual butterfly I know you are. Can you do that for me?"

Stiles's eyes went vacant as he stared at her, but he slowly nodded.

Imposing her will on humans was an easy ability, but doing it not only drained her own resources, but seeing the hypnotized, blank stares she received was unnerving.

She watched Stiles walk to the dance floor, his body relaxed and calm as he did, unlike his usual flailing, twitching motions, and Lia frowned at this.

"He'll be fine," she repeated to herself as she looked around for the exit.

She was ready to bolt when she felt another hand on her shoulder, but this one had a strong grip that jerked her around, forcing her to face the opposition.

"What are you doing here?" Derek demanded.

Lia gave him a flirtatious smile, "Relaxing, partying. You should try it," she cooed before she firmly cupped his face, forcing him to stare in her eyes.

A non-human like Derek could resist her will much better, but she fought harder until he had an entranced look in his eyes, "I think there's someone out there waiting to dance with you."

When she let him go, she took a huge step away from him. He suddenly looked disinterested in her as he gazed to the dance floor. Lia followed his line of sight, watching as the crowd dispersed in cinematic fashion to reveal Stiles rolling his body smoothly to the music. His eyes were positively smoldering as he looked over.

What happened next surprised her most of all. Derek began walking toward Stiles as if drawn by some magnetic force. Stiles bit his bottom lip seductively as he danced. Derek quickly pulled the smaller framed boy closer to his body. Their eyes never strayed.

Lia's mouth dropped, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth as she watched. She watched Stiles's hands wrap around Derek's neck. She watched Derek's hand run up the back of Stiles's shirt. She watched their faces almost, but not quite, touch.

She couldn't stop smiling, heartbeat drumming in excitement for her friend's sake. Reaching out and touching them both would bring in much more energy than she used trying to get them away from her in the first place. But for as dazed as Stiles's eyes appeared to be, she saw something she had never seen on someone she influenced before: a smile.

It was a very small smile, but he looked happy. Derek wasn't really the smiling type, but the way he pulled Stiles closer, the protective manner of his movements made her realize there was definitely something between them, and she couldn't bring herself to take that away from them. They treated each other so indifferently to the public eye, but now, inhibitions cast aside, she could see the spark of something that she too recognized from a long time ago.

Silently lamenting the loss of the potential of a meal, she walked away from the dance floor and headed toward the door until she felt one more hand on her shoulder.

"Hey baby, what's a girl like you doing in a place like this?"

"Actually, I was just heading out," Lia said curtly as she continued to walk.

The man grabbed her wrist, "C'mon, what's your rush?"

Ed Hardy shirt, straight jeans, overly gelled hair, shiny black shoes. She found him; the one straight guy at a gay club.

A slow, smile spread on her lips at her dumb luck as she stared at the hand wrapped around her wrist.

"Why don't we just blow this joint?"

By the time she flicked her eyes up, Lia was smiling sinisterly as she took his forearm, "Let's."


  1. Succubus? Not that it really matters. This was a lot of fun to read. I had a good sense of the characters, and could visualize the people really well. Except Derek and Stiles, you give these solid, succinct descriptions. I figure you're assuming we know what they look like. I was sucked in from the first paragraph.